Memo Fun

Memo Fun is a great, fun game for kids and toddlers.

4 stars on App Store

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Memo is fun!!!


Memo Fun is a good game of learning and remembering. This is the perfect remembering game for kids aged 2+, encouraging them to learn and be free with their exploration.


Memo fun is exactly what the title suggests, click the cards to make them turn over then click another. If they don’t match they will turn back over. Your job is to remember and match the cards when they appear. This teaches children to learn and boosts brain activity.

Memo Fun looks beautiful on your device’s screen, and shows colors vividly and vibrantly. This catches the attention of children, keeping them occupied for long car journeys or plane journeys. The cards are focused around colorful animals and friendly people. Flip the cards to match them with each-other! This game is great for young children with growing imaginations and kids that love using technology.


With Memo Fun you can be happy knowing your kids are playing an educational learning game that inspires their imaginations!

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